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Overnighter: 18th July 2015

Another good turnout for our annual overnighter with 23 cars joining. The weather forecast was dismal with a heavy snow warning but we all proceeded with caution. The Stadium Pub in Alex turned on good service and food and awarded 3 publicans choice’s. 1st Pam Smalls Fairlane - 2nd Brad Sayers Valiant & 3rd Elden Abernethy’s XW. The three legged race in the carpark was won (only by a whisker though) by Shady & Pies. They were rank outsiders so they surprised us all.
Onto The Golden Gate in Cromwell for a refreshment stop. Good service again and they awarded a publicans choice to Daryl Moyles. Well done to all. It’s always neat when someone else appreciates your car. Some stayed at the pub in Omarama and the rest stayed at the Omarama Heritage Hotel. Nice digs – I would recommend this place. James Smith had a big trip to Omarama and didn’t make the evening events. He was tucked up in bed shortly after arriving in Omarama.
A good meal with sharp service in the pub and a pretty good hooley continued well into the next morning. Chris Labes was unable to get into his room in the wee small hours due to Redz sleeping very soundly. He slept in the AP6 until he managed to wake Redz around 4am (after phoning her every minute for approx. 10 minutes).
Shady had a wee encounter with the peanut dispenser on the bar and was relieved that there was no mention of this in the morning. We had a great range of spot prizes generously donated by Pam at Gore Windscreen ‘n Glass. The lucky car draw ($50 MTA voucher) was won by Gary Crawford.

Scratchie boards were won by Sarah Gibson & Ash Johnstone. Geoff Wallis claimed the hard luck prize after his trans blew somewhere near the Lindis summit. Geoff was at the back of the pack so he wasn’t missed until he arrived in Omarama being towed by a local farmer. I understand when you are being towed it is difficult to have a toilet stop but kiwi cunning kicked in, good on ya Karen!!
Dwayne Woods had a rough start with the trans in his XA blowing. He returned home and picked up his XR8 only to have a tyre blow out. It only got worse for Dwayne with his XR8 getting confiscated ☹ in Cromwell on Sunday. The convoy split on the way home with some travelling via Alex and others via Queenstown. Another great overnighter with some dam good people.