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Grasskhana: 21st February 2015

Well unfortunately the weather didn’t play the game for this event this year.

As you know our usual venue fell through this year, but thanks to Shannon & Kylie Crawford we got ourselves a paddock to rip up! Shady, Squeak and I headed out to Hedgehope first thing to start setting up. Whilst it was cloudy, it had that ‘going to clear’ feel about it, so we carried on and put up the club marquee, bar leaners and setup the cones ready for a day of hoon-ary and the general club mayhem that goes along with big cars doing big skids!

Shooting back to Gore to meet everyone at the Lodge was when it started going down hill… it started to drizzle. By the time we got back to Hedgehope it was fair pissing down, but we had committed ourselves to spend all day sideways, so the event began.
We had 6 cars and 8 drivers, 3 of those cars being late model Falcons. Turns out those low profile directional tyres don’t like wet grass at all! The first run from the sidelines looked like we were watching a slow motion movie while the cars struggled for traction!

The Second course was a little faster, but as the course was on a slight hill, this also caused problems with traction! Dwayne’s FPV may have done a few too many burnouts previously as his times were up to a minute over the fastest.


We started the third run, but now not only was the grass wet it had also turned muddy. The wind had picked up and the rain was coming in sideways, people were getting cold, shit was getting wet so with much pain in our hearts, we made the call to cancel.

As it was still early we all helped pack up and headed back to Shannon’s man cave to socialise for the rest of the afternoon. As we all boosted up the hill towards the gate, we noticed Dwayne’s car having to slowly snake it along the side, luckily he managed to get out. We then had the prize giving.

1st place went to Bushy who bought his better half’s HQ prem and preceded to cover it head to toe in grass and cow shit! (Hopefully it was all clean when you got home Hayley!!)

2nd was new member Gary Fisher, who did an outstanding job of maintaining some grip in his XR6.
In the girls competition (there were only 2)

1st place went to Jessie, who had never even pulled a skid before, then totally schooled me on how to drive my own bloody car around the course!! (Though in my defence I’m used to the back seat and she’s probably put more kms on it than I ever will!!)

2nd went to Rachael. Though her time was significantly slower due to Dwayne’s forementioned antics!

Gary cranked up the BBQ and did a fine job of cooking us all a meal, then it was onto a few more drinks, few more laughs and all the other awesome shit that goes along with being a member of our club!

Big thanks to Shannon & Kylie for hosting this event. It was still a great day despite the weather. Hopefully next year it plays ball!

Cheers, Brad Sayer.