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Christmas Car Trail & Function: 7th December 2014

Our organisers Derek Ayson and Kylie Crawford were pumped and ready to go. Cars starting arriving at the Lodge and then they stopped arriving… at 6 cars. A bit of a disappointing turnout of member’s cars after the fantastic effort these two put into this event.
We had to throw a dart at a balloon on a board to reveal the order of departure for the trial. Let’s say that most of us won’t be selected to join a firing squad anytime soon.

We're off. After Derek asking me to recite the alphabet backwards before I could leave the carpark at the lodge, me getting it completely wrong, the miserable sod marking us down on it, then he muffs up our car trial instructions and wouldn’t negotiate some points back to us ;). (I seem to recall Derek saying that he will keep helping with this event until he gets it right. See you at the 2015 Christmas Car trial Derek!)

Lots of challenges on route made this an outstanding fun day.
Challenge 1: Bobble Head - Won by Pud. A pedometer strapped around your head for one minute and see who can get the most movements. Really funny to watch but a real headache to the challengers.
Challenge 2: Car Width - Won by Mike. With an amazing 160mm clearance. Adjust the width of the pegs from a distance, then ‘park’ between them and measure.
Challenge 3: Marshmallow Eating - won by Pud. Stuffing the marshmallows in your gob flat out didn’t work aye Grumball. You had to swallow.
Challenger 4: Scooter Time Trial around the Cycle Park - Won by Ricky 34 seconds. He smoked it around that track.
Most Words: from the words Ford, Chrysler, Holden: Won by Gary.
Name car models: Ford, Chrysler, Holden: Won by Vanessa.
Photo Challenge: Was 1st equal to Gary, Mike and Ricky. What a beaut this one was. I can’t remember all the pic's we had to take but here are some…

With a stranger - we found a lovely ole dude crossing the Gore Croquet Club with his bag of groceries and he was happy to pose for us.
With a dog - Tena found a dog tied up outside McDonalds. She sidled up to it and it was barking flat out. Pic taken and we were outta there.
With a Police Officer - We went to the cop shop. Tena used the phone outside and called one back to the station. Took the pic. She then took us into the station and while looking at the close circuit tv that poor dog at McDonalds was still tied up and barking.
Planking - Our lot used our Grandaughter Georgia Grumball. Easy Peasy as Georgia is the weight of a flea.
Beside a Rapid No (1029 I think) - We found a 1029 but it was not the one they had in mind. Still counted as a pass mark though.
A Trig Station. A Stop Sign. A Farmlands Real Estate Sign. On a Bale of Bailage. In a Telephone Box. Beside a Monument. The carload all jumping with no feet touching the ground... and more.

There was a Most Creative Photo which was won by our carload. We were inside the 'bad' part of the Police station with one member handcuffed.

Scratchy Board winners: Gary Weir & Derek Ayson
Members Draw: Ash & Erica.


The day was completed by Santa arriving with lollies and pressies for the kids and a delish buffet Christmas Dinner at the Heartland Hotel Croydon Lodge. A fantastic day out.

Many thanks to Kylie and Derek for the ingenious activities they organised. Keep this day free this year. I look forward to seeing what they come up with then. A big ask for them to better the 2014 Christmas car Trial.

Erica (Gran)